February 4, 2011

A Few of My Favorite Things

Well it’s finally Friday, and it’s early dismissal today, which means I get to spend the next several hours with Austin, sorting Legos back into their original project kits (versus the giant bin of legos he has now.)  Now you might be thinking, “Wow, that sounds incredibly horrible.”  But, you’d be wrong.  As I went into his room last night to tuck him in, I found him sitting on the floor looking through all the Lego instruction booklets in his Lego bin.  I asked what he was doing, (and honestly, I was wondering why he was playing instead of getting into bed.)  His answer took me by surprise.  He explained he was “going through his memories”  and felt he’d made a bad decision by just dumping the bits and pieces of all his kits into one big bin.  As he sat there crying, feeling overwhelmed by the insurmountable task of sorting out the thousands of Legos, I found myself promising an entire afternoon of helping him sort them all out.

So, given that he is getting out of school in a mere 10 minutes (thankfully I live 2 minutes away,)  and I’ll be otherwise occupied the rest of the day, I’m going to leave you with a few of favorite things.

My creative studio is an ever evolving work in progress, but I have a few favorites right now.


These yummy looking cupcakes that I picked up at Hobby Lobby.  Who could resist?


My jars of ribbon, sorted by color.  They are so pretty sitting there on my shelf.


My color bins.  I love having all my supplies organized by color!  It has made my life so much easier, and my daughter loves to sit in my studio and look through them.


My new vintage dresser, that holds a ton of supplies.  I love finding great pieces like this, that I don’t have to do anything to, but can just start using.


My Cropper Hopper paper storage, sorted mainly by color, with some seasonal/holiday sections thrown in.

Well that’s it for today, just a quick little peek into my creative space. 

Would love to see some of your favorite things too! 

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  1. FUN! How did the Lego sorting go? My boys are 25 and 22 now but I remember our huge bins of Legos!

  2. Bobie - Well let's just say, it's still going. After spending an hour gathering the pieces for one tiny little kit, we decided to sort all the pieces by color first. About 3 hours later we were able to start "shopping" from the newly sorted legos to put together another small kit. After two hours of this, we called it a day. So there are at least 10 more kits to put together, some of which are huge. But progress was definitely made.

  3. Melody,
    This post makes me so happy!

  4. Obviously your organizational skills have taught your son that when things become overwhelming.... there's gotta be a better way. Looks like the apple didn't fall too far from the tree. Good for you for making an afternoon out of it! =)

  5. I've been helping my son do the same thing ( and yes, we sorted by color first). He was inspired when Ali Ecwards blogged about Simon's Lego setup. The Legos are getting a lot more use now that he's not stressed about the big bin.

  6. Thanks Sally! And yes, Austin is fairly organized like his mom. He probably has one of the cleanest rooms ever and at 8 has mastered the quick pick up to keep it neat.

    Terr-Lynn - I'm so glad you commented! I of course had to pop over to Ali's blog and check out the Lego post. How did I ever miss that one. How exciting that I have 4 of those little plastic drawer sets in my storage closet going completely un-used. They will have a new home by the weekend!

  7. Very Cute Cupcakes....Thanks for entering in my giveaway~