January 30, 2011

Time for a Change.

Have you ever gone downstairs in the morning, passed through your living room, and thought I can’t go one more day with the current look.

Well this morning I had just such a feeling.  My living room is a long narrow room and has looked basically the same for nearly 8 years (aside from a new sofa and new paint on the walls.)  But today, for some reason, when I came down the stairs, I stopped and looked at it again, and thought, what if?

You know the thought.  What if I moved that over there? and this over there? and repurposed this here?  And with my husband and son gone skiing for the morning, I was free to move things around to my hearts content.

My desire to do this really surprised me as I had spent all afternoon Friday, cleaning and organizing my studio.  I expected to spend all day in it working on charms for an upcoming charm swap at Creative University (CU). And given that I must arrive at CU on February 17th with more than 40 charms all made and packaged, I REALLY needed to spend today in my studio.  But some wild hairs are not to be tamed.

Having moved things around for Christmas,  I had yet to put things back in order, so the clutter was bugging me almost as much as the layout.  So, I rolled up my sleeves, changed out of my slippers and went to work.  Here it is before…



The biggest challenge by far was moving my computer armoire from one corner to the other, being careful of course not to dislodge Miss Lucy’s window seat.  This required unloading half the cabinet, using all my strength and a special helper.  Here she is, very proud to be helping mommy with such a huge task.


She of course insisted on helping.  I insisted it was way too heavy for her.  But truth be told, it was only with her helping, that we were able to move it.  With that task over, Ava was very keen on our new “teamwork” and helped  me vacuum too!

Finally, I got everything arranged just the way I envisioned.



I think it turned out very well, don’t you?  I love how it opened up the room and seems to invite you right in. With such a lovely new space to enjoy you’d think I’d settle into that big chair for a cup of tea and a good book, wouldn’t you?  Nah, with the sun shining, it felt like spring, so I set about spring cleaning the dining room and downstairs bath too!

There’ll be another day to sit in the big chair.

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