February 20, 2011

Home, again!

Well, I am home from an absolutely amazing weekend of laughter, friendship, creating, {eating}, and not so much sleeping. I was reunited with many friends, met new ones, and just generally enjoyed being in the company of so many creative, fun, and talented women.

I have lots to share, but before I can, I need a good nights rest.  I’ll be posting a little bit here and there throughout  the week so you can see all the amazing things we created, the fun we had, and the beauty we saw every day.

For now, here is a fun little picture of my roomies and I.


Be back soon!

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  1. Adorable! I have to say I truly adore your blog too. I'm so glad you got on the blogging band wagon it is so much fun. ;) I miss you already Melody and you inspired me in so many ways. Thank You. Till next year...