February 26, 2011

Creative University Rocks!

Well, let me just say it. If you haven’t attended Creative University you are missing out in a very BIG way! 

This was my third year (I missed the first year,) attending this spectacular creative weekend.  Each year I think the Fabulously Artsy  Tresa Black has outdone herself.  Only to go again the next year and think it again.  Well I can’t even imagine how she’ll do it again next year, because this year’s CU was so well planned and so full of fun details that it boggled the mind.

Upon arrival we were greeted with these adorable hand sewn welcome bags full of goodies.


Tresa has made these for us each year to coordinate with the color scheme of the current year’s logo wear and overall theme.  I now have a very cute collection of these. 

Then, if you were smart enough to order your logo wear, you were presented with your bag of goodies so that you could show your school spirit and outfit yourself from head to toe in CU gear.


Logo wear was the perfect thing to wear to our group photo session.  Don’t we look fabulous?!

You were checked into your lovely cabin.

our cabin

There was a photo booth; perfect for fun and generally silly photo ops.



There was the breathtaking scenery.


The food, and ok, I’ll admit it, the desert.  I mean it’s only one weekend a year so a few little nibbles on the goodies is fair, right?!

ice creamDSC_8611

Thanks Christy for the great photo of the brownie a’la mode.

There was plenty of free time to work on your own crafts, or just relax.


There were fun little surprises, awaiting us at dinner…


like sparkly glitter and bubbles and fun games with pepper shakers, where you could take away the centerpiece (like I did!)

But the best part….


was reuniting with old friends and making new ones.

Ok, now I’m sure you’re wondering about the “University” part of our Creative U aren’t you.  I mean University implies that we’re in school, taking classes and learning something, right?  Well, right you are! But you’ll have to wait for tomorrow to find out about the projects.  And trust me, you want to come back and take a peak, because the projects were AWESOME!

And then, you’ll have to come back the next day to check out the amazing charms from our charm swap!

And the day after that for the fun roomie gifts!

Ahh, the fun just goes on and on doesn’t it?! Now you’re beginning to see how Creative University works.  The fun, just goes on and on an on. 

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