February 22, 2011

We Have Kittens!

Oh my goodness!  What a fun and surprising day, today turned out to be.  I’d planned on posting a little recap of my CU Retreat, but who could resist kittens!? We’ve known our Lucy was expecting for several weeks now, but not knowing when she became pregnant left us really guessing as to “when” her little kittens would appear.

We’ve been a little concerned about it because we are planning a fun Spring Break road trip with the kids soon and were really hoping the kittens would be old enough to leave with our house/pet/baby sitter.  Just last night we were discussing this and trying to predict when this would all happen.

Well, this morning at 11:30, our Lucy began acting much differently and I knew instantly that she was in active labor.  Quickly, we set about the business of getting things ready for her.  I immediately called into work and begged for an extra hour to help her along.  I sent my husband, Steve, off to the pet store for supplies.  And I got busy getting Lucy into a box all set up for “queening.”  It didn’t take long and our first little kitty arrived at 12:25.  Of, course, I’m madly texting Steve with lists of what to get, and kitty arrivals.  Within 40 minutes, two more arrived.  We were so excited and happy that they were breathing, mewing and nursing with their momma. Unfortunately, my extra hour went by in a blur and reluctantly I headed into work, when really, I wanted nothing more that to be with my Lucy and make sure everything was going ok. 

Steve was very good at keeping me informed of all the excitement when at about 2:00, she started delivering again.  Back and forth we texted, 4 kittens!, no wait! Make that 5! Here comes the 6th!  It was like that scene in 101 Dalmations, when the cook and Anita kept popping out of the kitchen announcing to Roger each time another puppy was born.  I found myself listening intently for the sound my phone makes when a text comes through, while trying desperately to focus on my work.

But,wow, what a great job our Lucy did.  All 6 are healthy and so very cute.  And our little Lucy is so very tired.  Five of them are dark with at least 3 of them having stripes on their faces, bellies and faces (confirming our suspicions on who the daddy is) and just one is light grey with stripes like it’s momma.  We will have such a hard time choosing which one we’ll keep.

Here’s a little peek at a couple of them. 


The kids are already trying to figure out how to name them all.  Here are Ava’s choices so far: Lila, Pila and Tila, Princess, Tinkerbell and Pillow.  Austin is still pondering.  Hopefully, by the time we find out if they’re boys or girls, they’ll have actually come up with some names that wont get them kicked off the kitty playground

Well, it’s late and I have to be up early so I’m off to bed.  Since tomorrow is my day off, I’ll try to post a few more pics of the kitties and let you see some of the fun projects from CU.

Night all!button divider

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